Why do yoga at work?

Be a better business

Smarter businesses are using yoga to help keep their employees in tip top condition and the best are using it to create better business.

It’s one thing setting up a weekly yoga session to develop flexibility and strength, to calm the mind and enliven the body. It’s another to recognise that doing yoga at work can improve your postural and mental wellbeing and therefore your confidence and approach at work.

For groups or project teams doing yoga together can create a powerful shared experience that encourages targeted reflection, more self-awareness and creative visioning. 

Your physical movements may influence and shape your moods and thoughts, according to a theory referred to as ‘embodied cognition’. By taking a minute to change your expression or posture, you may affect the way you feel; therefore the way in which you work.
— https://www.inc.com/murray-newlands/7-body-positions-and-gestures-that-can-improve-your-productivity.html

Being our best selves more often

Practising yoga regularly can be a tool for learning about yourself and the commitment to showing up on your mat to reflect, let go and actively move through tricky business problems can help us to perform at our best more of the time.

As a former professional athlete I have all sort of niggles, aches and pains but Alice was able to adapt certain poses for me to make sure I got the most from the class. Physically I found that my posture and flexibility improved but mentally I also saw the benefits. The classes gave me time to switch off and refocus, leaving me feeling refreshed.
Alice is down to earth, warm and has a genuine passion for helping others.
— Hannah Mayho, Performance Nutritionist at English Institute of Sport