How to do yoga at work


Option one

We offer free set-up for a book of 10 weekly sessions. Staff buy the sessions directly from Alpen Rose Yoga at an initial free taster session. Sessions take place at an agreed time, at a suitable location in your office. Staff bring their own mats, belts and towels.

Books of ten sessions cost 100 euro with a minimum of 6 participants required to kick-off the flow.

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Alice is an experienced, compassionate and patient Yoga instructor. As a beginner, I learnt a great deal in Alice’s classes. The principles she taught have been instilled within me and I know I benefit more greatly from the practice of Yoga based on Alice’s teaching. I left in a peaceful, calm state yet, I could certainly feel the benefits for the days following.
— Kirsty Badrock, Entrepreneurship Coordinator at University of Chester

Option two

Create a bespoke monthly programme of sessions nestled under your health and wellbeing mission. We design the sessions based on initial feedback from your staff and regularly capture qualitative and quantitive data to feed into your health and wellbeing certifications and awards.  We co-create a private communication channel for Alpen Rose Yoga participants and work closely with Human Resources to collaborate with your broader health and wellbeing strategy.

Alpen Rose Yoga will provide all the equipment and invoice in advance monthly + set-up fee. Sessions take place in your offices at agreed times and all classes are tailored to the corporate context.

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One-to-one and groups

Schedule one to one sessions whenever you need them or programme in a series of sessions for your project team. Get in touch to book your facilitated and focused yoga practice.