Alice Rose Elliott.

Alice Rose Elliott.


Alice Rose Elliott is Founding Yoga Teacher at Alpen Rose Yoga. Alice is originally from London and has been living in Innsbruck since the beginning of 2018. 

"My parents met in a yoga class standing on their heads and I started practising Iyengar yoga as soon as I could. I qualified as a Yoga Alliance teacher in 2013. The best yoga classes allow room to grow and play. 

I have 15 years experience as a Sustainability Expert - working to make businesses a force for good and co-creating social innovation.  In Alpen Rose Yoga my yoga teaching and business experience come alive together. 

 You can also find me in the hills and the city on my bike with my two year old in the trailer behind me." 

After Alpen Rose Yoga lunchtime class I didn’t have my usual afternoon low that slows down my work. I felt really energised, fresh, and I could concentrate. The Yoga affected my work immediately after the class in a very positive way.
— Marlis Hofer, University of Innsbruck